Britney’s pet dog Hannah Spears is reportedly fighting for her life in animal hospital.

Britney is regularly seen carrying the teacup Yorkie in her arm while out and about in Los Angeles and she even publicly introduced the pet to fans by creating a Twitter account by the name of Britney’s B**ch.

Our-girl first took Hannah to the vet in November last year after she was found with her “eyes half shut, not responding to voices, not eating and having trouble breathing”.

After eventually getting the all clear to head home, the dog was reportedly back in hospital on January 3 where she was monitored for an erratic temperature and fluid on the lungs and she was also tested for liver function.

A source told RadarOnline: “Her condition remains unstable and if it were not for Britney’s money and ability to pay the vet bills, Hannah would be dead by now.”

Be strong Hannah! Our prayers are with you!