It’s the live semi-finals and the top four acts came out belting their best!

Still in the running are teen Carly Rose Sonenclar of Team Britney Spearscountry singerTate Stevens of Team L. A. Reid and Team Simon Cowell’s last two group acts, Fifth Harmony and Emblem3.

Last night the final four contestants each perform two songs. For a semi-final show it seemed a little lack-luster.

Britney posted a video on viddy before the show:

Viddy’s now on Android sooo & I wanted to say Hi & welcome y’all…  ;)

Here we go the recap!

Now it’s on to the first round of live performances!

Round 1; Contestant’s Choice

Tate Stevens - (“Bonfire” by Craig Moran” / The Over 25s)

Britney Spears says this was not his best performance and at this state in the competition it needs to be. Demi Lovato totally does not agree with Britney and says it was an amazing performrance. He made her feel like she was home in Texas. Simon says he could have done something sappy to appeal to the voters, but instead he performed what he’d want to record. That made it one of Simon’s favorite performances by Tate because he was being himself. He thinks Tate looks like someone who thinks he can win. L. A. says Tate set the stage on fire and it was great fun.

Carly Rose Sonenclar - (“Your Song” by Elton John / The Teens)

L. A. says this was a risky song but he heard things from her in it he had never heard before. He says he can tell she really wants to win and she did a great job. Demi says she has no bias because she has no singers left. She felt it was a bit too predictable. It was another slow slong, but she still really liked it and thought it was well done. Simon says it was a beautiful version of a fantastic song, but it was not his favorite performance from her. She was giving off a nervous vibe. Britney says, as usual, she is so very proud and praises how Carly has blossomed right in front of her.

Emblem3 - (“Baby I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton / The Groups)

 L. A. says the group is lucky they are so charming. He wondered if they would ever have their $5 million moment until this performance. Britney says the performance was very special and it was not fair to just call them a boy band because they are more than that. Demi says this is what she was talking about. Great job. Simon says it reminded him of their first audition.

Fifth Harmony - (“Anything Could Happen” by Ellie Goulding / The Groups)

 L. A. says this was vocally their best performance in the whole competition. He thought it was very inventive and he’s proud of them. Britney says it was magical and she loved the whole performance. They are full of girl power and inspiring. Demi says it was cute and great. They worked the stage well. (Demi obviously just does not like these girls.) Simon says they came into the competition as underdogs and it would take a miracle for them to make it to the finals. After that performance though, anything could happen.

Round 2; Mentor’s Choice

Tate Stevens - (“Fall” by Clay Walker / The Over 25s)

Britney says this performance was a hit! Demi says Tate’s wife must just feel like the luckiest woman in the world. He’s amazing and so talented. Simon says it was a great song and there is about as much chance of Tate going back to his old job as there is him flying to the moon. He deserves to be in the finals. He’s really happy Tate came to the competition. L. A. says he is always great and he was great once again.

Carly Rose Sonenclar – (“Imagine” by John Lennon / The Teens)

L. A. says Carly showed off her artistic side with the piano. It was a hard song but she found the right spots. Demi says the only predictable thing this time was how amazing it was! Simon says he would have preferred she stayed at the piano and he thought the performance was overly complicated. Britney thinks Simon is wrong and it is time for Carly to go out and compete with the big stars.

Emblem3 - (“Hey Jude” by The Beatles / The Groups)

 L. A. says they are teen hearthtrobs. He says he was going to tear them up over the song choice but they did great. Britney says it was a top level performance and they should take a bow. Demi thinks they have great potential, although they can’t be compared to The Beatles. Simon says he is proud of how they did tonight and they nailed both their performances.

Fifth Harmony - (“Impossible” by Shontelle / The Groups)

LA summed it up with his critique, “I’ve heard it.” Demi was a little more encouraging by reminding them they’re the underdogs, but Britney just cut right to the chase and announced, “I would be surprised if you guys are here next week.” Simon, who would never admit he was wrong to encourage the girls to do the remix, tried to keep hope alive by saying, “You’ve been one of the strongest acts tonight. I really hope and pray America gets behind you tonight and puts you in to the final.”

Alright, people. Tomorrow it gets real. Tune in to the X Factor results show including a performance by Bruno Mars. Want to make sure you don’t miss a single bit of news about The X Factor? 9pm on B Channel!

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