Lots happening ton The Result Show last night! Double elimination. Alicia Keys performs, and Runner-up from Season 1, Josh Krajcik performs last night. 

Rushing right to the good stuff tonight, we are going to learn the first act to be eliminated right now.

Despite doing a fabulous job of redeeming herself last night with a very original performance that was probably one of her best all season, the first singer sent packing this evening is… Paige Thomas :(

What?! Wow! “I’m excited for what I have in the future,” says Paige who is obviously just as shocked as everyone else. Her performance last night was definitely her best yet and this is a big upset

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Then we have season one runer-up Josh Krajcik on stage to give us a performance of his new song “One Thing She’ll Never Know”

It’s time to see which of the remaining seven acts will be moving on to the Top 6 live performances next week, and they are..

Fifth Harmony, CeCe Frey, Emblem3, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevans. This means that Vino Alan and Diamond White will be singing for survival.

Before we get to the sing-off tonight, we have another guest performance. This time it is the Grammy-Award-Winning-Artist, Alicia Keys with “Girl on Fire”

First up for survival is Diamond white Beyonce's “I Was Here”..

We know by now that Diamond has the voice and the passion. At this moment, it’s about making the judges see and feel that. Britney definitely feels it. She shows, maybe, the most emotion that she has all season, tearing up. “You were definitely there,” Mario says. Well done, Diamond!

Next, Vino Alan with Ray LaMontagne's “Trouble” as his survival song.

LA Reid, of course, votes for Diamond White to go home so he can save his boy Vino. Britney Spears, naturally, votes to send Vino packing to save her girl Diamond. Demi Lovato decides to side with Britney and votes against Vino. Simon Cowell now has the deciding vote and he has chosen to vote for… Vino Alan to go home.

America didn’t even get to hear what I really had to say," says Vino who is obviously upset and shocked at his elimination. He agrees with Simon’s belief that his direction in the competition was being lost. 

Here are the top 6 remaining contestants, ranked by this week’s votes:

  1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
  2. Tate Stevans
  3. Emblem3
  4. Fifth Harmony
  5. CeCe Frey
  6. Diamond White

From Britney twitter after the show:

Why u were in the bottom 2 is a mystery to me BUT what a beautiful performance 2night. Sang under pressure like a pro. Proud!

And , WOW - #1! So very proud of u too sweetie. “All eyez on u” for good reason!

Next week on The X Factor, the Pepsi challenge is back. Voters will be able to select which song the season 2 winner will perform. Tune in Wednesday to FOX for more details, and watch The X-Factor USA Season 2 every Thursday and Friday, 9pm on B Channel.