Tonight, the competition is back on as the Top 8 take to the stage with a new theme and knowing that the stakes are growing more and more intense. Plus, the world premiere of “Scream And Shout” by featuring Britney Spears!

Host, Khloe Kardashian-Odom inform us that tomorrow will bring yet another double elimination.

From Britney Spears twitter:

Walking to the stage now but I’ll be back afterwards… cannot wait to hear what y’all think of the video!!!

Wish  &  good luck tonight!

Tonight’s theme is Number One!

Diamond White (“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston / The Teens)

It’s about time that we see Diamond have fun with a performance again. The arrangement work in her favor, starting off slow. Once the beat kicks in, Britney’s name is written all over the extravagant performance.

La isn’t very impressed giving Diamond an A for effort and B for execution. Demi wants to see her bring more to her performances. I don’t know what else this girl could have brought,” says Simon in Diamond’s defense.

Vino Alan - (“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” by The Righteous Brothers / The Over 25s)

“I feel like there’s something that needs to be freshened up,” Britney says. Demi agrees. “There are so many amazing songs that you could sing,” Simon starts,”and that wasn’t one of them.” Took the words right out of mymouth! Of all the songs in the world, this one?

Paige Thomas - (“Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley / The Young Adults)

Paige has taken on the 1980s hit, starting off slow and then jumping into some interesting dance moves as the beat kicks into gear. Odd hip thrusts or not, this performance is hot. Blending old school with new school is the way to go!

“Paige, that was by far your very best by a long shot,” LA shouts. “This is the first time you looked and sounded like a legitimate pop star,” Simon says. He makes a great point, too. Paige will need to think more, moving ahead, about standing on her own two feet and not listening to everything Demi, her mentor, suggests. 

Fifth Harmony - (“Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson / The Groups)

Unfortunately, Ally’s grandfather passed away this past week. This performance is dedicated to him. Break a leg, girls!

As the lights come up, Lauren is seen holding Ally’s hand. You have to love the sisterhood between these girls. They sound amazing and look great and confident this time around. The girls immediately swarm Ally as the song ends.

Carly Rose Sonenclar - (“Rolling in the Deep” by Adele / The Teens)

Singing an Adele song is usually talent show suicide. Not for someone like Carly Rose. This little girl is able to take her voice to places one probably can’t even fathom. This marriage of voice and song selection is basically last week’s performance times 10, maybe even 15.

Seriously, LA? “That wasn’t your best performance,” he says. Moving on to more positive comments, Demi is proud of Carly Rose and she’s not even her mentor. “I thought the first half of the song was good; I thought the second half was sensational,” says Simon who goes further and explains that Carly Rose is an alien and must be disqualified. Oh, Simon.

Tate Stevans - (“Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban / The Over 25s) 

Tate sounds good. Playing his guitar and working the crowd is really working in his favor.

"When I get married one day, I want my husband to love me the way you love your wife," Demi says. Simon has less encouraging words. "Don’t dance!" is his order for the night. He’s probably just jealous he can’t show off his moves while sitting behind that table.

CeCe Fray - (“Lady Marmalade” by Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink, Lil’ Kim and Missy Elliot / The Young Adults)

She’s been in the bottom two so many times, can she bounce back? Well, this is definitely more CeCe than she’s looked in a very long time. The Marie Antoinette spectacle on stage is very cute and pop star-esque. Unfortunately, her vocals suffer. I’m afraid that this is the end, for real this time.

“The problem I have with that performance…” starts Simon. “I felt like I’d eaten 66 slices of chocolate cake. I wanted a slice; you gave me too much.” He makes complete sense. It was way too much going on at once.\


Emblem3 - (“I’m A Believer” by Smashmouth / The Groups)

Keaton still needs to work on his lack of dance skills while on stage, but this is a really fun and cute performance from the guys. The girls are screaming, the vocals are there and they’re confident. Female dancers have even been recruited this week.

LA would sign them. Demi is confused about where they are going. Simon stands behind them. Wesley explains that they play instruments and they’ve just been waiting for the right moment. Why are we waiting so long to see their true abilities? I agree with both Demi and Simon

There you have it! The Top 8 have performed and Britney’s latest music video appearance has been witnessed. Tomorrow night on The X-Factor, tune in for the Top 8 results live to see which two acts will go home. Also, don’t forget that Grammy-winning R&B artist Alicia Keys will perform, 9pm on B Channel!