Top 8 revealed! 

Two finalists are going to be eliminated based off their performances last night plus, Cher Lloyd is performing!

Britney posted a photo before the show:

Who let this jive turkey near my dressing room!!!

Our Top 10 visited the school in Los Angeles, CA, to help give them an updated music room courtesy of Best Buy. The contestants and the Bancroft Middle School Choir opens the show with “Fix You” by Coldplay :’)

The first contestant who went home on tonight … Arin Ray! Not a big surprise after his performance last night and his voter ranking last week. Arin Ray had the lowest number of votes this time around. Britney tells Arin he should take this as a learning experience. 

The X-Factor UK alumni, Cher Lloyd performed her hit song, “Oath,” with Becky G. on the Top 10 results show on Thanksgiving night..

The acts that are safe and going through to the top 8 are Carly Rose Sonenclar, Diamond White, Vino Alan, Fifth Harmony, Tate Stevens, Emblem3, Paige Thomas. Unfortunately CeCe Frey and my favorite, Beatrice Miller had to sing for survival.

CeCe Frey performs “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson for survival and it is off pitch and not a fabulous song choice for her at all. I think it was a major fail..

Beatrice Miller performs “White Flag” by Dido. It wasn’t her best performance, but it was certainly better than CeCe’s.

The judges are voting now. Demi wants to send Beatrice Miller home. What? Britney, of course, votes against CeCe. LA votes against Beatrice! Simon Cowell also votes against Beatrice! Judges you suck! 

So 2 Britney’s Teens are going home, Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller.. Britney’s advice to Beatrice, “You are so young, you have so far to go, this is just the beginning for you!

Here are The X Factor USA season 2 top 8 remaining contestants, ranked by this week’s votes:

  1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
  2. Tate Stevans
  3. Vino Alan
  4. Emblem3
  5. Diamond White
  6. Paige Thomas
  7. Fifth Harmony
  8. Cece Frey

Big thanks to SnarkFood!