On The X-Factor last night, two of the remaining singers forced to headed out the door in a double elimination. Who was voted off this week? Check out the recap or last night’s Result Show!

Check it out!

Hots, Mario Lopez announces the first act leaving the competition tonight is..

Lyric 145!

Lyric Da Queen reveals that they had planned to do a hip-hop song but it was taken away from them at the last minute. Hmmm. Wonder what that was all about and if they would be going home if that had not happened. :( I think this group was creative, out of the box and had a very unique vibe.

Then Taylor Swift debuted her new single “State of Grace" from her latest album, Red. Her advice to our contestants? “No matter how tired you are, no matter what kind of bad day you’re having, be nice to people.” WORD!

After Tay-Tay performance, the hosts reveal some of the contestants who are safe and through to the top 10 are;

Arin Ray, Vino Alan, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Diamond White, Tate Stevens, Emblem3, Beatrice Miller and CeCe Frey..

That leaves just Paige Thomas, Fifth Harmony and Jennel Garcia as the three possible acts going home tonight. Ouch! Later, Fifth Harmony gets the last spot in the Top 10, leaving Paige Thomas and Jennel Garcia in the bottom two and off to sing for survival.

The bottom two singers will now dual in a sing-off to determine who will go home. The judges will vote on who they like the best. If there is a tie, the number of votes cast by the viewers will determine the winner and loser..

First up is Jennel Garcia with “The Reason” by Hoobastank

Paige Thonas goes next with “Paradise” from Coldplay

Now it is time for the judges to vote on who they want to stay and who they want to send home.

LA and Britney votes for Paige to stay. Simon will not vote until Demi votes. Very rude. It goes back and forth. Finally, Demi announces her vote and choose  Jennel to stay but Simon prefer Paige Thomas.

I’m so terribly sorry for Jennel Garcia, one of my favorites :( Here are the final results in order by this week’s voting rank:

  1. Tate Stevans
  2. Carly Rose Sonenclar
  3. Vino Alan
  4. Emblem3
  5. CeCeFrey
  6. Fifth Harmony
  7. Diamond White
  8. Beatrice Miller
  9. Arin Ray
  10. Paige Thomas

From Britney Spears twitter after the show..

Oh my goodness!!! The BIGGEST thank u from me & all my teens. U all never cease to amaze me - love u!

. So sad to see u all go, u ALL are true talents. Keep doing what u do, u’ve got a fan in me :) Xo