The X Factor’s Live Show continue tonight as the top 12 take the stage for ‘Divas’ week!

After last week’s shocking revelation of the voting rank for all of the contestants, all the singers know exactly where they stand this week going into tonight’s live performances. Once again, Britney and the gank will have no say in who goes home this week. That choice will be entirely up to the voters, take a look the recap!

From Britney Spears twitter before the show:

Big night for my little divas. Wish them luck! It’s showtime

*#VoteBritneysDivas also trending worldwide this morning!

Jennel Garcia (“Proud Mary” by Tina Turner / The Young Adults)

Jennell started off the show great and she’s back in this! L.A Reid agree with that. Britney actually says Tina would be proud of her performance. Simon Cowell likes it too, amazingly enough.

Tate Stevans (“From This Moment” by Shania Twain / TheOver 25s)

Huge reaction from the crowd and the judges are on fire with this one. Britney says she could hear the incredible heart in the performance. Demi Lovato says she just cannot believe how great he is. He is just so good. Simon says he is ready to write the 5 million check right now and that was even better than last week. Guess Tate is earning that number one spot with the voters tonight!

Diamond White (“Halo” by Beyonce / The Teens)

L. A. Reid says it was a tough song to choose, but she did a great job. Demi says Diamond is a diva in the best way. This week was kind of perfect for her because of that. Simon says she is a future star in the making.

Beatrice Miller (“Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper / The Teens)

L. A. says he wasn’t that fond of the song choice and thinks it just didn’t show her off enough. Demi actually loved the song choice because she got to show a different side of herself. Simon says he thought the song was okay but boring, better than last week though. Britney says Beatrice has more talent in her pinky than all his acts combined.

Lyric 145 (“E.T.” by Katy Perry/”We Will Rock You” by Queen / The Gropus)

Simon says they bring a energy to the show that is needed. However, the rest of the judges are not loving on it so much. L. A. wants to know if Freddie Mercury was a diva? (YES) He thinks it was some better than last week but they have gotten off track. Britney says the group should stick more with their genre. Demi just doesn’t get what they are doing.

Arin Ray (“Crazy for You” by Madonna / The Teens)

Simon says something weird about cats, which as usual means he didn’t care for the performance. A bad song choice all around the judges seem to think. Everyone is lackluster about the performance. Simon says he thinks Arin hated it as much as everyone else did.

Paige Thomas (“Last Dance” by Donna Summer / The Young Adults)

LA Reid says that was her best performance so far. Simon says he thought the dancers on stage were a distraction. Paige says she liked her dancers, thank you very much. Demi says she wanted to do something different with the stage production. I though the dancers were annoying.

Fifth Harmony (“Hero” by Mariah Carey / The Groups)

Britney says she thinks Simon is doing an amazing job with the group. Demi agrees. LA says it got good in the middle, but he just seems snarky about it. Simon, of course, is puffed up like a proud daddy.

Carly Rose Sonenclar (“My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion / The Teens)

The judges are actually kind of deer in the headlights a bit. LA Reid says we could be looking at the winner of this competition after that performance and he might just be right. Demi cannot believe how young she is and is so young. Simon thinks she must not be human because no 13-year-old should be able to sing like that.

Vino Alan (“Let’s Stay Together” by Tina Turner / TheOver 25s)

Britney says she loved the soul in his voice. Demi says it was okay and she liked it but it was boring. Simon says the song just didn’t give Vino any of those special moments his voice is made for.

Emblem3 (“No One” by Alicia Keys / The Gropus)

Britney says they are heartthrobs and she totally gets why the girls swoon when they are on stage. Demi is equally moon-eyed over the cute boys. Yeah, yeah, they are adorable and stuff. At least they also seem to have decent talent.

CeCe Frey (“All By Myself” by Eric Carmen / The Young Adults)

Despite getting the ‘pimp’ spot of being last tonight, I don’t think CeCe has redeemed herself enough with this performance. The judges are not thinking so either. LA says it was good but not enough to get the votes she needs. Britney just doesn’t get her. Simon likes CeCe but thought the performance was too cabaret and not great. The judges are not loving CeCe and it will be a miracle if she doesn’t go home tomorrow night.