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Rumors are floating around saying Britney Spears might be extending her residency at Planet Hollywood.

Not only has Larry Rudolph moved to a luxury apartment several minutes away from Planet Hollywood, but a two year renewal contract is floating around just waiting for Britney to sign.

Planet Hollywood has been very impressed with ticket sales (Britney became the top-selling strip artist for Caesars Entertainment). Las Vegas Sun says:

Britney has hit No. 1 while Celine Dion is absent from the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Britney’s sold-out shows at Planet Hollywood, a Caesars Entertainment property, have been so consistent that discussions for a two-year renewal of her deal originally set to end in 2015 are getting close to signed contract status.

The Wicked Whispers & Racy Rumors must be real because her manager Larry Rudolph has become one of Las Vegas’ newest residents, moving here full time to a luxury apartment complex just five minutes from Axis. Larry partied at Beacher’s Madhouse in MGM Grand over the weekend.

Britney recently told Extra of the extension:

“We’ll see! Possibly. I can’t tell ya now I don’t know. I haven’t signed anything yet.”


(from her twitter)


Interview - Britney Spears on POPSUGAR fashion

Watch to hear what makes Britney feel sexy and why she decided to try her hand at design!

I’m in my 30’s; these are my best years right now and I just want to be able to inspire women; make them feel empowered; you don’t need a man to wear sexy things; take a bath and light candles and empower yourself and feel beautiful.


Britney’s first single off Britney Jean, Work Bitch, found its way online exactly one year ago today – September 15, 2013.

The song was written by Britney herself,, Otto “Knows” Jettman, Sebastian Ingrosso, Anthony Preston and Ruth-Anne Cunningham. The song’s production was handled by Ingrosso, Jettman and Adams, while vocal production was done by Adams and Preston.

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Britney celebrate her sons, Sean & Jayden, birthday (9/13/14)

Britney celebrated Sean (September 14) and Jayden’s (September 12) birthday at a skate park in Thousand Oaks Saturday afternoon.