Preview - Britney Spears appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon


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Britney has sat down with a LOT of news stations today. She sat down with Extra and talked about her ex her Intimate collection and a new album in the works!

Britney said in the interview that she wants to work with Katy Perry and possible Iggy Azalea on this new album she is working on. She also said want something artsy for her new record.

“I want to do something very artsy-fartsy‚ something I’ve never done before.”

Britney is still busy with her Piece Of Me” show at Planet Hollywood Casino Resort in Las Vegas telling Calloway the rumors are true… she May extend her residency. “We’ll see… I can’t tell you now‚ I haven’t signed anything yet.

Britney’s most favorite project however is being mom to sons Sean and Jayden who are about to celebrate their 8th and 9th birthdays this month. “They’re totally into skateboarding right now‚ that’s their new thing… they want a new ramp. They know all the new terms for skateboarding and all the new moves.” She laughed “It’s like‚ over my head.”

Britney said that to them mommy is just mommy. “I think they know I have a job on the side where I become Britney Spears on stage‚ but at home‚ I’m just mama.”


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